Monday, March 16, 2009

Spheres of light in photos

I take fotos with a moderate, or less, digital camera that can fit in my shirt or coat pocket. I had taken pictures in the garden and my house. Then, after beginning these little essays, I started to take pictures at church. At Saint Stephen, at the reintroduction of the latin mass, I took a picture of the main altar, and there appeared translucent spheres. In some other photos there, other such spheres have appeared. I took two photos at the croatian parish, Saint Paul, in one photo these spheres were clearly visible. I went to Saint Sava, Parma, on the evening of the orthodox celebration, on the first Sunday of Lent, the Triumph of Orthodoxy, and in this photo, supra, of the entrance door, the most such spheres yet. I have not doctored the image, it had been a damp afternoon. The other photos, where they have appeared, were taken within the churches.

Now, I had read and heard of such images before. They are now referred to as ‘orbs’. Some people argue for a supernatural explanation, others for physical phenomena. I will not venture to identify them further, to safeguard myself from the accusations of either being a fool, or a charlatan. I am not very active or proficient with the camera, but these ‘orbs’ have appeared in these locations.

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