Monday, May 19, 2008

Republican Slogans

Being a Republican means, NEVER saying you’re sorry.

I have maintained, that the foundation of the Republican party is hypocrisy. There is some fluff in the press, that they are looking for a new slogan to market themselves as a product. It seems, that, their brand has faltered. The Depression of the 1920s should have ended their run. The party of established money proved they could wreck the economy. The Watergate, and other, scandals of the law and order party, in the 1970s, proved they could not be trusted to run government within the rule of law The Iran-contra affair re-confirmed that. Now, Bush junior and crew have proven they can be trusted for nothing. When will America learn?

There have always been two major parties in the United States: a democratic and an anti-democratic party. This one began in 1854, and with the success they enjoyed with the Civil War, and have been the party of the moneyed establishment. They have won through fraud, fiction and fear mongering ever since. Family values they trumpet.

#1 -- Vito Fossella, a Republican congressman from Staten Island and a wedge of Brooklyn, New York, has been recently stopped for drunken driving. Vito had his mistress get him out of jail. She had been a military liaison to Congress and they share parentage of a child. Nothing much there, but he also has a wife and children in New York. Double good family values, how is that for a campaign slogan?, or something to the gum company’s tune.

There is a folk song, The Mormon Engineer, that I am reminded of.
Old Zack, he came to Utah, way back in seventy three,
A right good Mormon gentleman and a bishop too was he.
He drove a locomotive for the D. and R. G.,
With women he was popular, as popular as could be.
#2 -- Mike Erickson, had been the Republican party’s candidate for Congress in Oregon in ought-six. He was supported by Oregon Right to Life that time. He is now running in this year’s primary. It has come to print that he paid for a girlfriend to terminate their pregnancy in 2000. Oregon Right to Life was aware of this when they endorsed him.

I am against abortion. I am a democrat. I am a Democrat. I do not approve of hypocrisy. The Republicans only use right to life as a campaigning device, though some are sincere. Some people, who say they are pro-life, are Republicans first and foremost. Jesus taught us, that, we can not be loyal to two masters.

I am sure that there are many instances of this that are not widely known. Perhaps, one day soon, some historian or biographer will detail a story from the hypocrite-in-chief.* Hypocrisy, you say that like it
’s a bad thing.
noto bene: Apologies to Erich Segal, who had
Oliver Barrett IV, say in 1970, Love Story, “Love means never having to say you're sorry.” But, then again, amongst Republicans that is très gauche, n’est pas?
*1971 Texas
postscriptum: 21May. At this point in time, the Oregon races have been called. Erickson took his primary 5:4. Fossella has posted a letter, dated 20 May, where he states, he is not seeking election in November. He has reversed his previous position.

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