Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Election Day Ephemera

The press has, only, been talking about Clinton’s strength in the West Virginia primary. Her victory will make her feel better. They have not mentioned Huckabee had already won the West Virginia convention and its delegates. A second also ran will take West Virginia.

I have been waiting for the Travis Childers’ results in Mississippi’s First Congressional District. I have been waiting to hear, that a third Democrat has won (Bill Foster in Illinois’ 14th District formerly filled by Dennis Hastert. Don Cazayoux in Louisiana
’s 6th District) in a non-Democrat area in recent bye elections.

Another interesting race is the Democratic primary in Oregon, a mail in affair. One of the candidates was born with less bones than a full complement. Steve Novick finished university at eighteen and has a strong sense of humor. He is 4' 9" and has an hook for a left hand.
  • Because the working people need a senator who will fight for them, and a fighter needs a hard left hook.
  • Every politician says hes for the little guy, but when I say it you can believe it. — Steve Novick
There, may, be a growing tide that will roll the Democracy into the Potomac and onto the District of Columbia. Obama’s campaign has invigorated and expanded the party. He has brought out the youth vote. The last such enthusiasm, in the Democracy, was with Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy. Barack’s campaign has attempted registration drives in all 50 states, while the fascists in the Republican party have been trying to reduce and restrict the electorate. Ron Paul and Bob Barr’s supporters have not been involved in these activities. Mister Barr is running as a Libertarian, though I disagree, at least they tend towards being democrats.

After the wreck of the Republican hegemony that brought us the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal saved the republic. The congressional make-up was roughly:

Session .......... Senate........... House
1933-34........... 59-36-1...........311 -117 -5
1935-36........... 69-25-1-1....... 322 -103 -7 -3
1937-38........... 73-20-2-1........334-88-8-5
1939-40........... 69-23-2-1-1.....252-177-3-1-1-1
1941-42........... 66-28-1-1........267-162-3-1-1-1
1943-44........... 56-37-1............222-209-2-1-1
1945-46........... 57-38-1............242-191-1-1

Perhaps we will be there again.

The last matter, I wish to discuss is the loony minister problem. O
bama has been attacked on account of Jeremiah Wright. John Kennedy was accused, as all Catholics were, of being controlled by the clergy. John Hagee, televangelist and veteran, anti-Catholic, bigot was friendly with Huckabee, and now McCain. Wright has espoused an angry, aggrieved, black, nationalist interpretation of the church and America. He and Obama, guilty by association, have been pilloried by the media. Then Wright had a chance for further exposure and the spotlight and, possibly, made things worse. The Republicans escaped such scrutiny.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights, had been rightfully pointing this out. I had allowed my membership lapse, after the continuing, Republican drift of the organisation. I was pleased to see that he was tacking sail. Well, Hagee, who wants to have political and public clout, has been lying low. Recently, he met with
Deal Hudson, Rove’s operative, and other, Catholic Republicans. To-day, Hagee’s letter of apology was issued. Very clever, very clever and politically expedient; Mr. Donohue is satisfied. I am not that naïve.
  • I want to express my deep regret for any comments that Catholics have found hurtful.— John Hagee
Hagee has made money, and written much calumnious slander. He has made, as of yet, no announcement or attempt of having those books and broadcasts corrected, nor do I believe his sincerity. He has not had his Damascus moment. He is, simply, politically savvy, and the Republicans behind the scene activity continues.
postscriptum: Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley defeated Steve Novick in the Oregon primary.

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