Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cartoon Coyote Moment

(Overconfidentii Vulgaris)>>

There is the moment, when, in saturday morning cartoons, a determined, yet oblivious, character disastrously overruns a cliff. He stays suspended in air, and finally he realises what he did, and what will happen next. In physics and nature, when an object reverses direction, there is a moment, when the velocity is zero, it is at that moment, that, the character finally understands. He sometimes, holds a sign that says, “Yikes”, “Help”, “Genius”, “OH, NO” or some such.

With the character, Wiley Coyote, and his prey; there often appeared various, humorous, faux-latinate taxonomic names, which, defined their rĂ´les in the play.The colossal effort had failed. The ACME product was ridiculous. It is humorous, especially, when the attempt was doomed from the start.

This can have real life avatars. When does Hillary Clinton admit her campaign is over. Did a moment come for Scott McClellan’s conscience to admit, that, he played a part in a charade to fool the nation? When will the Republicans see that the fall election will sweep them away? The bushevik regime never had legitimacy or credibility, the nation is coming to dawn at that moment. The war, the economy, the execution of law, the accountability and capacity to govern and legislate, have all past the cliff. The jig is up.

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