Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doctor Issam Nemeh

Last Sunday, I attended a healing service by Dr. Issam Nemeh at Saint Stephen’s Cleveland. It was, the sixth, in six locations, that, I had been to. Doctor Nemeh prayed and touched people, with help from his wife, Kathy, and a religious sister, Sister Monica, and he has a crew of volunteers. He murmurs, almost silently, inviting, imploring the Holy Spirit to come and act.

He became known to me through a local broadcaster, Ted Henry (WEWS), whom first told his story on television. A fellow broadcaster, and medical doctor, Ted Castele, also testified on the man’s veracity and gift. With this public announcement, the next few, healing sessions were jammed. A private individual rented out Cleveland State University’s basketball building, for a service, as he was so impressed with the doctor, and the results.

Most, but not all, take place in Catholic churches. He has been in the Cleveland area, extending to Sandusky, Canton, Ashtabula, and onto Michigan. After the first rush of interest, the local establishment rag, which purports to be a newspaper, reviewed him badly. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has not been known to be friendly to catholicism, it was little surprise assigned reporter was not pleased with Dr. Nemeh.* The next winter, another local television station (WKYC) ran a week long morning series with a radio disc jockey, Trapper Jack, Philip Keller, who is blind and is Dr. Nemeh’s spokesman.

I look at televangelists with great scorn. That class, of so called faith healers, are confidence men on the make. The main attraction of their own traveling side show carnival. I consider them charlatans and, as slippery as, snake oil salesmen. They are vainglorious, pompous and adept and dishonest of speech. This man, Dr. Nemeh, and his organisation, Path To Faith, is none of that. The doctor is a Syrian born anesthesiologist, who now has a busy, acupuncture practice. The man is a medical doctor, he has no need to spend time doing this for money. He and those around him see this as a christian ministry, a path of evangelisation.

All the ones I attended, and at least the ones held in Catholic (Latin and Byzantine) churches begin with the regularly scheduled mass and then the service, with the good doctor, begins. It lasts several hours, a good shift, and some times longer. The lessening of the novelty, and the notoriety, and I believe the strain, have reduced the schedule. Everyone who stays, some people are frustrated by the duration, receives a blessing and prayers that invite Jesus and especially, the Holy Spirit to arrive and bestow a healing; it must be understood that the good comes through God.

Bearing on the resources of the church and people available, there are musical backgrounds and interludes of organ, singing, and other instruments, or a music disc playing. There are also: testimonials, the praying of the rosary, and other prayers by the assembly.

No promises are made. NO money is solicited. Donations for the church, and the organisation are accepted, but no requests are made, or even alluded to. There are some discs available, music, video for purchase, and this is away from the assembly.

An honest sceptic can doubt the efficacy, or even the attempt, but only an ill spirited individual can deny the sincerity. A sceptic can suggest that it is psychosomatic placebo. An alternative view, may suggest, the benefit may come from so many people praying together, that has an effect, even to the point, that some good karma, or an equivalent is produced.

A goodly number who ridicule, and cast aspersions on the particulars of this case, show anger, and even malice. I can see, and calmly accept, that some people cannot see this as being real. I cannot see, that, an honest witness would not see the veracity, and sincerity of it.

I find the experience in the assemblage, peaceful and pleasant, and I can tune out the people who grouse about the wait, and why some go before them. For as many people who do come, it takes time, period. If, they are aware, that someone is of a greater physical challenge, they and their family/group go ahead. You can see some are in sad, and even pitiful condition. They have suffered, and are suffering, some people you cannot see what condition of torment, that, they have undergone. The time spent over an individual is not the same for all. Some individuals are prayed over, by several people, and for several minutes.

Some people weep, others slouch and stagger, and some fall straight backwards. There are people to catch them, and mats for them to lie on, and if they are out — a blanket. Some fall very quickly, sometimes several people in succession. Some demonstrate no outward effects.

Some report only a feeling of warmth, or a type of rush, or current. Some say an ailment becomes better. I, the first five times, can say nothing. The last time, with my head down and eyes closed, I somewhat more than vaguely felt/saw something approaching, I can’t say that it arrived.

If you come in goodwill, patience and faith if you can muster it, you will find a good experience and perhaps improvement. In the New Testament, some are said to enjoy this gift, it may only last a season, but that aperture can help many.
postscriptum: October 2008. I am happy to report, that, my aged mother, whom I brought six times to these events, has had a physical improvement. She has come from her biennial physician
’s visit, and a kidney problem that has worried, her physician, has gone away, and this much to the wonder of that physician. Now, Dr. Nemeh, and his crew, never interviewed my mother, yet, especially during the last visit, the doctor and the Sister gave some attention to her kidneys. I am wont to believe, that, their touch, and the influence of the Holy Spirit, were active in this recovery. 

postscriptum: October 2009. I have been told (I have not confirmed this), that, the event I attended in May of 08 was the last in that format. Now there are events, some with lectures, and tickets at $ 20; I have not been to one.

*I crossed out some text above, as seen. The management and the reporters are different groups. The management are very attentive to the establishment. Some reporters are very careful, and try to be scrupulous. Some writers are different, the reporter who wrote was no fan of his subject. 


Kathy Lawrence said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful insight. Dr Nemeh, Kathy, Trapper Jack, Ashley, are such a spiritual gift to all people who open their hearts and minds. The people of northeast Ohio are especially blessed. I attend as often as I can. I have found the grace I receive to set my faith on fire. The experience has changed my life and those around me. Through our Lord and the Holy Spirit, Dr Nemeh, ministers to us with great love. There is no greater earthly experience for me but to experience prayer at the Dr Nemeh services.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, sincere and open account of a beautiful experience in divine healing. An ancient practice and doctrine of the Church, it is heartening to hear of this practice by a layperson such as Dr. Nemeh. It is wonderful that this is being done with balance and sensitivity, as well as sincerity. Your comments reveal an open minded, open hearted approach. This is so refreshing in this age of skepticism and brutal attacks upon the Christian church.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Raquel from Toledo said...

He's a fraud. He PREYS on the sick and takes their money in check or cash form only. I feel bad for the people that fall for him.

I think the only thing he is good for is a lengthy IRS report. I hope he gets caught soon so people aren't robbed of any more money.

Anonymous said...

I think that this and other such instances of healing will eventually be explained by brain science. I think that love does have a physiological effect and the sooner we learn the science behind that, the sooner we will be able to recognize that all of us are healers.

Ed U said...

Seems like not all of his "patients" are happy. I'm glad to hear that he didn't ask for money in the church. That doesn't seem to be the case in his practice.


Nancy said...

I live in Northford, Connecticut, and this is the first time that I have heard of Dr. Nemeh. I have a very dear friend who is in the fourth stage of Cancer right now and I would appreciate any prayers that Dr. Nemeh and his staff could offer up for her. I strongly believe that if these cures are in fact true, then the holy spirit is working through Dr. Nemeh.The Holy Spirit is truly awesome and does wonderful things for those who believe in his very powerful and loving prescence. Thank you. Nancy

OKLAHOMO! said...

I certainly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to enact miraculous cures...but his tickets are now at $95. Am I the only one troubled by that? How do you charge admission to the Presence of the Holy Spirit? Seems pretty blasphemous to me.

Anonymous said...

I too am struggling with having to pray for someone to pray for me. Why is there a charge?

Anonymous said...

You can also buy a gold membership for $14.95 per month on "Dr. Nemeh TV", featuring Dr. Nemeh videos. Sadly, it's become a business. That's what comes from going on Oz.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Dr Nemeh and his staff to please pray for my son who suffers severely from PTSD after a tour in Iraq when the war first broke out. 3 days after I mailed the request they called my home. They weren't looking for money. They were looking to ease the pain he suffers from and a mother's broken heart. You can beat them up all you want for and about the money but that's just what it is ...money. Prayers are what I needed and they were there to pray for my son and I. May God continue to bless Dr Nemeh and his staff and wife and family.

I do not sign my name to protect my son.

Anonymous said...

God is the healer ultimately. His son Jesus came to bring us freedom from sin and healing in our lives. His holy spirit dwells in those who have accepted him as savior. God uses those on earth who willingly will let him to pray for the sick thru him. amen.angelgirl

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit, Jesus, etc. can and does work through many people in their chosen professions, not just in hands on healing work. Should no one get paid for working, then? Often, there can be a physical toll taken on by the person doing this work. Also, many times people value (either consciously or unconsciously) services, etc. much more when they must pay than when there is no charge. Not saying these services should be governed by the fee charged, but giving of yourself (your gifts, etc.) w/o being compensated in some way is not necessarily healthy either.

Kit Tambo said...

When the big hotels and public arenas permit Dr. Nemeh use their facilities for free, perhaps then he can do it for free. That would be a good thing for us to pray for. Since Motel 6 charges $99 for a single bed for one night in central California, it is doubtful that the meeting in San Francisco, where my sister-in-law attended, was a profit making scheme. By the way, she just got her cat scan today, having been battling pancreatic cancer for 2 years. The report says, "lesion is not seen." This has been one heck of a THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY.

Anonymous said...

Please lord give me the wisdom of love

Anonymous said...

I wrote and asked for Dr. Nemeh to pray for me to be healed. I received a letter back telling me when and where he would pray for my healing. He did not require money to pray for me. He is real and the Holy Spirit touching his life as he shows love and compassion in all of his prayers for healing. God Bless Dr. Nemeh and his wife Kathy for all they do.

Kerry said...

I just now heard about this and would very much like to see him. i also looked and saw the 95 dollar charge. I have been sick for a very long time and now have many things wrong with me. If I knew for sure it would work I would hand over 95 dollars a month.. and for the rest of my life.. why am I seeing people going back t and 8 times if it works?

Anonymous said...

He is a fraud

Anonymous said...

I attended one of his sessions and wasted my money. He is a fraud.
You dont need anyone to channel God's power of healing to you. God doesnt treat any one as 'special' . You are all Gods children. Your prayer is just as powerful as his.

Please dont waste your money. Donate it to a charity for the sick instead.