Monday, May 5, 2008

the myth of a benevolent military

There is a party line of thorough and successful brainwashing, done for the military, by the powers of this society. This is done to keep the military manned, and to benefit those that feed off the military budget, without public scrutiny to avoid complaint. More than one half of discretionary, government spending is for the military. People are taught to complain about welfare mothers, while corporate merchants of death receive untold, truly untold, millions. All of the rest of the world does not equal this country’s military spending.

The servicemen and their families are carefully taught the falsehood, that, they protect our liberties. They do not. People defending the Constitution against the powers of the domestic government, and those who the domestic government listens to and whose interest they promote, are those that defend our liberties.

One of the great lies is the word, ‘defense’. The word that it has very effectively camouflaged is, ‘WAR’. Early in our history, the Department of War had the naval forces separated from it, as the department of the Navy. In 1947 they were rejoined under the Department of Defense.

To-day, the United States has no competition as a military power. For some time, most american military bases are in foreign lands. In comparative language, they are outposts of the empire. What does the military do, when it is in action for the purpose it was trained and supplied for?

It is very true, that the serviceman serves his country, but the government directs his service. The government does not always do this well, honestly or even legitimately. This second iraqui war is testament to that.

One cannot lightly criticise or expose this. Any deviation from the mandatory line is reflexively met, quickly and sharply, with invective, rebuke and vitriolic and vile accusation. The masters of war have control. The false dictum — support our troops — meant and, really, only meant: support the war, or else shut up. It was announced before a shot was fired, before a bomb was dropped, but after the planning had begun and before the moment the invasion began, Who has this war defended? Who is more free? Certainly more iraquis have suffered and are suffering now, the United States is in worse condition in many, many ways. Qui bono? [“the war president”? Mars and Mammon? the Devil himself?]
noto bene: Listen to one of the cover versions, or Bob Dylan’s, Masters of War or With God on Our Side. Ask yourself, why with so many more media than over a generation ago, and with a much greater population, why has there been so little comparative music available and sung throughout the land?

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