Monday, February 18, 2008

President Obama

I believe that the hypothetical question — what would happen first, a black man or a woman to be elected president of the United States? — will be answered soon, and Barack Obama will prove the former. I had heard that question queried many times, since the 60s. The question replaced — do you think man will reach the moon? I believe the interrogator, usually, posed the question as an impossibility or as a senseless koan. I took the question at face value.

The quest to the moon was a prestige project and a challenge as a challenge, interesting but ultimately unimportant, and since it has been done, needs to be put to a rest. When the smirking chimp spoke, in a state of the union address, of going to Mars, it was not to be taken rationally. Then, most unfortunately, the chimp turned highly malevolent and brought the world to war.

The race and gender aspects, to the successor question, were not absurd, but addressed inequality, blocked opportunity and distressed spirit. The presidency has great symbolic and striving interest. We are told, anyone can grow up in America, and can become president, the propagation of the myth of american justice and fairness. Currently, we have anyone, in that, he has no merit or ability to function as the office needs nor as the Constitution allows. The only qualifications, other than nepotism and corrupt collusion, he has are, the seemingly, prerequisite Yale and Harvard degrees. There is a seemingly class distinction.

Certain universities are a filtering tracking system. One can learn anywhere, but certain places have a cach
é that others don't. This is part of the situation in America. This, along with other considerations, show class, socio-economic class, has an astounding determinative presence. Gender is equally divided between the classes. Race is not. Obama's candidacy is of greater significance than Mrs. Clinton's.

Mrs. Clinton's position as senator and presidential candidate is not, really, in her own right. There is a nepotism there, and God knows, the misfortune that nepotism, in the presidency, has caused the world.

It can easily be said, that Barack Obama is reminiscent of John Kennedy. There is a vibrancy of youth, and of oratorical ability, charisma and a feeling, if not of destiny, at least of positive enthusiasm. All the candidates are enamored with the word ‘change
’. In reference to the non-democratic party, it is patently absurd. Obama is of greater possession of that word, than Hillary Clinton, but with either one, a legally chosen occupant would be a return to the past, and that is a positive change.

However, one describes the race and ethnicity of Barack Obama, his presidency would do much to increase racial peace, and inspire, and affirm an american ideal, that has been more wished for and theoretical, than achieved or existent. Of the three probable individuals, who are now most likely to gain the office: Obama is the best bet.

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