Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lincoln at 199

There is much interest in Lincoln, as should there be. Many fine books can be read, and can still be written, with him the subject. His observations alone are noteworthy and thought provoking, it is a loss that he did not live longer and collect them. The speculation on so much, concerning him, has not ended. His example can still inspire and is utterly relevant now. It is a great disservice, that his political party, has not honored him in achievement nor compassion. He was a martyr for our country. The funeral train that carried him was a confluence of emotion, gravitas,and respect with the emergent technical and industrial power of America. It was a memory and an image that stay welded in the minds of those who came to see it. The extant photographs of the that train, carrying that corpse of that man, are highlights of towns' archives. We do not have the extant memories to speak to us, they have to be of the same character, as those of John Kennedy's passing. We are inundated with mindless drivel by our society and its promulgators of trash and nonsense. Such memories of such men of importance, that they shaped the spirit of their time — zeitgeist, affect us importantly.

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