Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NBC Democratic Event in Cleveland

Last night, hell, now, it has continued to snow. I was looking forward to going out last night and decided the roads were too much of a hassle. I sat home instead and watched the Clinton/Obama dealie.

This sort of thingy does very little. There are not great oratorical flourishes, there are not historic words to be studied by children and professors. Some await a ridiculous and flagrant error. Such things don't often happen and if they do, they effect a minuscule number. Chimpy looked awful and cheated [surprise] with radio apparatus and was not called on it, ignored time limits and so on ... and he sits in the executive mansion now, still. It is more of a sporting event, where fans root their side and the motions of a democratic exercise is performed. It is like a protestant religious service, some people are very excited and feel good, others are bored and waiting for it to end and there is no real Substance.

Short review: Hillary Clinton showed a bit of peevish desperation and Barack Obama's demeanor was calmer and more relaxed. This may have excited and agitated some feminists, so? Russert's questioning was poor and ridiculous in his dogged attempt to obtain a radical claim on a hypothetical chain of what ifs; which I would have had more respect for, if he had made comparison to gwbjr's disastrous decisions. Russert's rooting about Farrakhan, in a cheap attempt to entrap Obama, was disgusting.

If a change is made, it must be to the status quo and modus operandi of shrubs junior. The world and the Constitution implores.

What was more interesting, was the crowd outside the basketball arena. WKYC channel 3, the local nbc affiliate had pre-event coverage. There were two groups outside trying to get on camera. Later, to avoid their exposure, the camera chose the tightest close up on a reporter, that I have ever seen. There were at least a half dozen royal serb flags flying and signs in english, and at least one in croat, ‘Kosovo is Serbia’. There was also zealous, Ron Paul, supporters displaying their signs.

This was the thing: at this event for the party of the Democracy, there were protesters from the opposition party and citizens who wanted to voice their unscripted and ignored concerns. ‘Security’ and the police did not forbid and deny their rights to assemble. The great difference between democrats and fascists ― is ― the recognition of the rights granted by the Creator. These rights are enumerated in the founding documents of the Republic. Democrats are for the Constitution; busheviks and other fascists are not.

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