Friday, February 15, 2008

5 years ago to-day: World, “Peace — Yes, Bush — No ”

Warsaw. “Who do we listen to?”

Five years ago to-day, in over 600 cities and Antarctica, people spoke up for Peace. They wanted the world to note, that, they were in opposition to George Bush Junior's War. Three million people, in the world's largest demonstration in history asked for peace, in the eternal city of Rome. Rome the seat of the ancient pagan empire that lived for the military campaign, the city and empire, that supposedly, was conquered by the love of Christ and where his Church is centered. Christ's vicar on earth, Ioannes Paulus Secundus, pleaded for peace. The government's civil leader, Silvio Berlusconi was not interested, he preferred Bush. The same sides were chosen in the United States, Britain, Australia, Spain and Poland. John Paul and peace are no longer here. Bush and war are.

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