Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow, time and torture

Yesterday it snowed a great deal. Friday it snowed a great deal. The accumulated fall was well over a foot and approaching two, in this part of Ohio. Digging out, shoveling and extricating the car were chores.

The thoroughly, unnecessary, time, change did no good. Stealing an hour interferes with the body. “Daylight savings time” implementation to create early time for a later, lighted evening is wrong. But as uncomfortable as these things are, it is far worse that Topcliffe’s successor controls the government, and has vetoed a bill to forbid torture. bush is a petty and cruel individual. The legacy he is creating is wretched, and demeans, and lessens all his countrymen. george bush junior has made his niche in americana, the torturer-in-chief.

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