Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Maverick [sic] McCain

To-day McCain was publicly accepted by the man, whom was the beneficiary from McCain's character assassination, eight years ago. The man he opposed in torture practices, but relented to in the end. He has made formal obeyance in obsequiousness to Bush, who has granted him his approval. May God bestow His gift of irony on this act of feudal investiture and vassalage, translating it into a futile pilgrimage.

John is a man who will not surrender to a dogged battlefield enemy, but will knuckle under, in servitude, to a worthless s***. February 13th McCain voted for torture, after he had voted against it in the past. He was against it before he was for it. McCain's desire for the presidency has destroyed his remaining honor and dignity.

A man who agrees with his party nine of ten times is no 'maverick'. The Democratic party leaders and hacks would be jubilant, if their members, were so successfully corralled so often.

He has shown himself a militarist and a capitalist. This is not 'conservative' enough for the fascist wing of his party. He has been suspected of having a hitch in the goose step.

On leap day, he defended NAFTA in order to cement his position as an economic imperialist. To suggest to renegotiate a treaty would hurt american diplomacy, security and reputation, said he. Bush abrogated an arms treaty with Russia, without care or dissent from his party. Bush broke international law in starting his Iraqui war, and McCain supports it still. Perhaps inconsistencies are a sign of the maverick? No, they are signs of hypocrisy, one of the pillars of his party.

NAFTA breaks environmental and labor laws continuously and has corporate capitalists extort and sue those who are resistant. NAFTA is supranational. The moneyed interests use, the fictive, legal status as individuals to abuse and misuse citizens and nations. Those who are represented with money can act with impunity. Money has more rights than humanity.

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