Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saint Joseph Day 2008

15 March 44 b.C., the ides of March, Julius Caesar met his end. There is still time to tell his tale.

Saint Joseph, most likely, was a young fellow in Galilee, at the time. Joseph was a good, honest and just man. He became the foster father of Our Lord.

Because of Holy Week, coming so early this year, the calendar has been changed. The Feast of Saint Joseph cannot fall in Holy Week; in Holy Week there is no feasting. The day is transferred to the nearest day before Palm Sunday, which is saturday the 15th. Except for Ireland, Saint Patrick is not on the calendar this year and has been bounced out of Holy Week altogether. Because Patrick is patron to the Irish, he shares to-day with Joseph in Ireland. The day before Palm Sunday for the easterners is Lazarus Saturday, if we, latin-rite members, were to do the same, to-day would be very full.

Joseph was a good man, but the record has him silent, though we know he said, “Yes”, again and again to God. He is patron for the Universal Church. He is patron for a good death. He is patron for workers. This quiet man had been a busy man, and continues to be busy.

The early christians knew more details of Joseph’s life, than we. At one, now forgotten, time he departed Nazareth for the celestial Jerusalem. One could meditate a great deal with, on, and about Joseph, and consider his life of service, and action, and his heavenly reward. Joseph was certainly dutiful and giving. Some people remember his generosity with the giving of bread, in his behalf, to others.

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