Monday, March 3, 2008

Barry O’Bama

As anyone who has paid attention knows, the Republicans are despicable. They run sub voce slime campaigns. When this country held fair elections, Franklin Roosevelt won easily. His opponents owned most of the newspapers and their editorials wrote vituperation and accusation against him. On the street, in the saloon, at work and in church they said his real name was Rosenfeldt, he was a communist and a jew. Vile things were said against his wife, Eleanor. Mrs. Roosevelt was seen by the world as a humanitarian, this infuriated the Republicans. They would not stop inventing stories. There was the one where a battleship went to pick up his dog, Fala.

This is their pattern. Lee Atwater, the chief propagandist in the 80s, repented and found religion in the end. Karl Rove and his minions have not. John McCain in 2000 was their target, in their own party, so that bush junior could be placed in the presidency. The swift boat lies also helped to steal an election from a valiant officer, so that the craven gwbjr could retain his booty.

One outrageous congressman, Jack Kingston, has gone on television to accuse Barack Obama of disloyalty. His high crime: not wearing a flag lapel pin. To the show host's, Dan Abrams, credit, he noticed Kingston was not wearing one. Such inconsistencies just go without saying, the troublesome thing is -- a verbal recognition. For years Republicans have worn a flag pin as a sign of false patriotism, so as to attack others falsely and especially falsely by innuendo.

Brother Barry O’Bama needs to promote his irish heritage. Surely in the next Saint Patrick Day's parade, Barry can go hear a mass and go a marching with his fellow shamrocks. Someone can tell John Hagee and the Bob Jones seniors, juniors and the thirds, that Barry is a crypto-catholic and not a mohammadan, manchurian candidate; and for the Hagees and the Joneses in the country, a closet Catholic, is of a far greater threat, than a black muslim.

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