Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ohio Primary Day

The Ohio primary is on the only day of the year, that is a command — March Fo(u)rth! Perhaps, after all this hullabaloo, we will find the candidacy for the Democracy settled: either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama There is also, here, an interesting congressional primary. Dennis Kucinich is being opposed by several people.* Dennis has infuriated, some, for standing up and voicing clearly against the immoral, unjust, illegal and unnecessary war and its evil and incompetent designers. They are using the excuse, that his quixotic presidential campaign has taken his time and not the district's interest. The war and its progenitors are of vital concern to this country, the world and history. Mr. Kucinich is on the right side.

Because Dennis is right, he is being opposed. When he was mayor of Cleveland, the local business interests, and their bought politicians, hounded him from office. He survived a recall election. So, for the third election in two years, the black community, was led by the council president, George Forbes, to join with Republican business interests to replace him with the pudding, George Voinovich; who has fed at the public trough as mayor, governor and senator.

Dennis Kucinich believes in the Constitution, a rarity now a days. He is also firmly against NAFTA, which combines practically every economic associated evil that plagues America. NAFTA is loved by the moneyed interests, and the moneyed interests have always despised Kucinich. He is foremost, for the necessary and proper impeachment of the liars and war criminals Cheney and bush. I can proudly vote and support Dennis Kucinich.
noto bene: This is being written on the 19th of February, in the vain attempt to provide help for Kucinich.
It is a point of conjecture of why the four other primary candidates are running: Cimperman is the well-financed one with nasty Republican type attack advertisements and stunts; one woman is still in mourning for her son and wants an agreeable end to conflict; another is, perhaps, wanting further name display for higher office, for in Ohio, it seems necessary to run and lose, so that one can win later, he is a mayor of one of the dozens of suburbs (Name familiarity is a primary vote getter. When I was a child, the state ballot was full of Browns, sometimes Smith. Cuyahoga county has had four John Corrigans holding office. O'Malley, Sweeney and other Irish names win here. He has a similar name.); the other woman, who has run against Dennis before, once at least as an Independent, seems to have drank heavily from a testosterone laced liqueur of braggadocio and boasts of all sorts of relevant, world important expertise, which stems from her parents owning a restaurant. There are two men from the other party running, but why, when the money candidate is Cimperman?

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