Thursday, February 12, 2009

The press conference

President Obama had his first, evening, press conference, within a month, of his inauguration. It was, in great to part, to egg on the passage of the spending/stimulus bill. The previous occupant, of the office, had a first conference, a month after New York City, and Washington D.C. were attacked.

Mister Obama answered questions six times longer, than his prepared speech. His answers were fluent, firm and well stated, logically phrased, and said with articulate, and unhalting diction. This, again, was in remarkable contrast with the previous occupant.

He took several questions, mostly from younger reporters, and younger than himself. There was some apoplexy*, on account of a question, a very fine question about Senator Leahy’s possible investigation on the criminal behavior of the past regime. The question came from an, electronique, news service writer. Mister Obama also called on Miss Helen Thomas, a woman who was shamefully ignored, and demonised during the now, recently, past usurpation; he sidestepped the questions, in a fashion of previous, and longstanding american policies. The discontent, with the questioners, came from the bizarre, cloud, cuckoo land of the Republican, extremist media, although, Obama did take an obnoxious, speculative question, from that regiment, which was, meant to embarrass, not only himself, but the vice-president, and the stimulus programme. Mister Obama would do himself, and the country benefit, by not engaging, with such belligerent, and malevolent lunatics.

Earlier in the day, he was in Elkhart, Indiana taking questions from an unscreened (again, a great departure from the previous regime) group of residents. He genially answered an, unfriendly, accusing question, by a confessing follower of a television and radio republican. Two great points of difference here: first, in the demeanor, and openness of President Obama; secondly, the unrelenting hostility of the anti-democratic populace.
*There was even displeasure vented, on account, of other reporters being seated. There was no such convulsions, when bushjr took questions from the male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, née Guckert, who posed for two years in Ari Fleischer’s press briefing room.
postscriptum: One of the points Mr. Obama emphasized was, that, of Franklin Roosevelt’s response of decisive government spending, in a time the economy failed, and private spending dried up. The spending was necessary, in part, as a last resort. It is also necessary, to remind people of a successful prior response by a president, and a country, to a similar set of problematic events. It is further necessary to remind a nation that has been falsely, yet effectively, propagandised by the ilk of Grover Norquists, whom have foisted Ronald Reagan as the avenger against the New Deal. There is an ongoing campaign, to change the facts of history, concerning Franklin Roosevelt. One current example, is that of, the new, idiotic congressman from Ohio (2, 3), Steve Austria, who has been called, on his part of this campaign of disinformation. He graduated from Marquette (did he take any american history courses? or pay any attention? or are some people so obdurate, that, even, the Jesuits can not teach and learn them?); and before that a catholic high school. To graduate from high school in Ohio, at that time--1977, one needed a year of american history, and a half year of civics(government). People pay tuition for their children, buy them books, and what? They chew the pages and make spitballs.

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