Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Governors and senators in flagrante

Rod Blagojevich was on Letterman last night. He became nationally known for a single act of corruption: he was about to peddle a US senatorship to the highest bidder. He found no takers. He was impeached 114 - 1, and found guilty 59 - 0. Previously, Elliot Spitzer resigned his governorship for renting women. How easy, and quickly, does scandal remove Democrats from office. How many Republicans would, even, allow the thought of impeaching any bushevik, to be expressed? The media, certainly, did not, as it seemingly promotes all Republican arguments.

Diaper Dave Vitter, a frequent brothel customer in Louisiana, and about DC, is still senator. Diaper Dave Vitter, is a man who, voted to impeach Bill Clinton. Diaper Dave, is a man who, campaigns on family values. Diaper Dave pegs the pole as a Republican conservative, but falls about mid-range as a Republican hypocrite. Mark him as another, outrageous Republican. Stevens, financial ethically challenged, was defeated at the polls, very narrowly. Craig, a deviant adulterer, finished his term. It is extremely difficult to find a Republican who shows shame, or applies a single standard.

Milorad Blagojevich is now an ex-governor of Illinois. For whatever reason, he has shown an appreciation of victorian, british poets. He has publicly quoted Tennyson* and Kipling†, in apparent reference to his circumstances. As a serb, from a people whom have heralded defeats in song and poetry for centuries, it is not, particularly surprising to relish lyrics in defeat; nor from an american politician, hubris in failure. But, as he repeatedly said, he was not convicted, nor was he defended. Letterman posited, that, he will have time in the future for due process.

Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama, was sent to prison, as a political prisoner, so as to be removed from the stage, by Rove and the Republican party. He has been since released, and Rove, and his gang have not been forthcoming. This swift removal of Blagojevich was not pro forma, and Blagojevich wants the stage.
*Ulysses, not reflecting the homeric Illiad, but the infernal Dante
If, celebrating failed, imperial freebooting

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