Sunday, February 1, 2009

4th Sunday after Epiphany

Eugène Delacroix. Christ Asleep during the Tempest. c.1853. New York City.

In illo témpore:
Et ascendénte eo in navículam, secúti sunt eum discípuli ejus : et ecce motus magnus factus est in mari, ita ut navícula operirétur flúctibus : ipse vero dormiébat. Et accessérunt ad eum discípuli ejus, et suscitavérunt eum, dicéntes : Dómine, salva nos : perímus. Et dicit eis Jesus : Quid tímidi estis, módicæ fídei ? Tunc surgens imperávit ventis, et mari, et facta est tranquíllitas magna. Porro hómines miráti sunt, dicéntes : Qualis est hic, quia venti et mare obédiunt ei ?

At that time:
And when he entered into the boat, his disciples followed him: And behold a great tempest arose in the sea, so that the boat was covered with waves, but he was asleep. And they came to him, and awaked him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish. And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then rising up he commanded the winds, and the sea, and there came a great calm. But the men wondered, saying: What manner of man is this, for the winds and the sea obey him? ― Matthew viii: 23-7. DRC

Now, the Gospel message to one’s own life is straight, forward enough: in a tumultuous world, with Christ in your midst, be calm and be without fear. Now, at that time, people were astounded and astonished, with the power of Jesus and his ability, to halt and tame the turbulence of the tempest.

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