Monday, January 5, 2009

The year of the rat is ending

The year of the rat is ending. I know little about the chinese zodiac and its folklore, but the year of the rat is about to end. The busheviks are leaving, the plague has run its course. Now, it is the time to bury or burn the corpses. The hard working ox has to plough a stony field filled with rubble.

Lies run and dart very quickly. Often the first story out is remembered, and set as a template. The busheviks are frantically, persistently, campaigning falsities. The term ‘legacy’ is being fabricated to whitewash the evil, and the incompetence, that, these last eight years of usurpation have been. They have used the example of the Reagan propaganda team, but really, this current squad of liars are akin to a situation, where Hitler and Goebbels did not die in the bunker, but were allowed to escape alive and create their vision for their ‘legacy’ to you.

There needs be those who tell you that ‘w’ can only stand for ‘worst’ or ‘war criminal’. Midas the king turned all he touched to gold, bush the rat turned all he touched to either blood or excrement. A creature between a sociopath and a malignant narcissist has occupied the office, and his vice regent is a cold, cavernous malignancy.

A fellow named Feller had published an article that spurred me to write. It was run by the Associated Press ― complete bushwa, a collection of fabrications from the on-going campaign to disseminate deceptions, bold, blatant and banal. In a totalitarian regime one is subject to this continual flood of lies, that are produced, to dissuade one (you) from the exercise of your sight, reason, logic and memory.

Besides his scandalous, and illegitimate, performance in office, and the carnage ― there is what he has done to the United States in the eyes of the world. How is the country to recover from Republicans?

The absurd lies concerning his person: he has not read 95 books in his life, he has not stopped drinking, he is not a follower of Christ ... Rice and Rove have no scruples in regard to truth, they do not waiver from the party line. Tenacity and will may be valued as to their intensity, but not to the quality of illumination, for they do not illuminate, they obscure.

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