Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Craziest Republican?

Now, who would be the craziest Republican? How to we define crazy, in this exercise? Would senility, or an other organic illness be included or excluded? I think excluded, because, in that case being a Republican would not be a decisive factor. That may exclude Jim Bunning

Scope and scale, are we speaking of nationally elected only? No, but primarily yes, because without a national exposure, how would the nation know of their existence. That would include Palin, now even if she is not in D.C. Though how can we discern, and collate, delusional from stupid?

Now, there is evil: Cheney, most definitely: and non office holders, Norquist, Rove. There are the provocateurs: the Limbaughs, Coulter. Coulter is a special case, she calls herself, at times, a humorist. She is not funny, unless you accept vicious, lying, satanic humor as funny. On an earlier page, I made a provision, that, humor must be based on truth. Coulter is not funny, her delivery, attitude and style are reminiscent of the aggressive*, nastiness of Sandra Bernhard; her self promotion is similar to Bernhard’s one time paramour, Madonna Louise Ciccone. Her act is an hatred lampoon, an incendiary, inanity; utterly vile.

There are, also, former officeholders. Yes, they are candidates in this contest, as long as they have life within them, and hold to their craziness.

I consider myself, a conservative. Remember, capitalist economics was liberal. Social darwinism came, in part, with it, and they have seen themselves as progressives. Some of these people (Republicans) have religious sincerity, and those views are, usually, considered conservative; but on other matters they veer into lunacy, or viciousness, e.g., Bachmann, Schmidt, Musgrave, Broun; further: both Oklahoma senators voted for torture. Certainly one can be religiously conservative without having wretched (and fascistic) politics. There are raving and hateful unbelievers, but they do not seem to be elected, to-day, to Congress. Sometimes an intense, moral, belief system can co-exist with madness. Of course, some things can be suitably feigned, and craziness does not exclude success.

some candidates:
  • georgebushjr
  • Paul Broun
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Sarah Palin
  • write ins
*though she has shown herself as a physical coward, when she ran in absolute fear from a pie attack

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