Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bombing Gaza

a cartoon from Brasil’s Carlos Latuff. see:

There is a ruthless, virtually merciless, zionist war party that is the government of Israel. Now, there are many israelis who are for peace and justice; it would not be surprising, that, they are greater in percentage than in any moslem state, or the United States; but the peace party, within Israel, never exercises governmental policy.

There are several points that can be discussed at length, herewithin is only a partial listing:

Whenever Israel commits hostile acts their propaganda is constant. They (fill in the blank) are killing us. They have made us kill them. We have done nothing wrong. We are suffering. We have our exquisite citizens martyred and murdered. We kill the guilty and the innocent, the guilty deserve it, and we do not consider the rest, except to say, that they are unfortunately dead, and we are not responsible. We are not responsible for anything we do. We have never been guilty of anything; all those who oppose us are guilty. This argument is effective in only the United States, where many people share affinity with those sentiments, and with the jewish people of Israel.

Israel is not concerned with the world’s censure. Some places have mentioned the idea of proportionality. This idea is part of the just war doctrine, and the eye for an eye ethos. The response of Israel is: they have transgressed us, we have no limits to our response.

By accident, the 28th of December is the Massacre of the Innocents (on the christian liturgical calendar). This commemorates the event, when, the judaen king, Herod the Great ordered all male babies, and toddlers, about the area of Bethlehem killed, so as, to eliminate a perceived threat to his throne. The news of the Gaza strike was in the papers on the same day. This biblical co-incidence is not unique, in 2006 Israel bombed Cana.

President Obama does not hold office yet; the bushevik regime has indulged, humored, accommodated Israel. It is an opportune time for an attack. The busheviks will never hold Israel to any standard.
For Gaza shall be destroyed, and Ascalon shall be a desert, they shall cast out Azotus at noonday, and Accaron shall be rooted up. ― Sophonias ii.4.

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