Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Norm Coleman = Loser

The junior senator from Minnesota is Al Franken! All the legal ballots have been counted, against Coleman’s will, dragging, screaming and whining. We know the Republicans do not like one man, one vote. Remember Florida in 2000, never forget Florida 2000. When they lose a close election, they by a Tourette’s syndrome tick, yell “stolen”. He promises to sue, sue, sue. At least John McCain took it like a man. Unfortunately, Gore and Kerry allowed themselves to let stand real thefts. The US Supreme Court intervened, by extra constitutional means, to stop vote counting. Michal Connell fixed the computers. Coleman does not have those weapons in his arsenal. He just obstructs. He has two additional partners in defying the mandate of the populace: Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, whom seem willing to obstruct in the senate. So, add 3 to the list of despicables:
Norm Coleman
Mitch McConnell
John Cornyn
Who, by the way, were the three senators that have received the most $ from the finance, insurance and real estate interests. Now who did they represent?

Back to Norm, this is the typical Republican hypocrite. When the vote was incomplete, and he was in the lead, he told Franken to pack it in and save Minnesota citizens time and money, he would if it was on him. His party makes a big issue, about lawyers and frivolous lawsuits, to gain votes. Now those lawsuits are often when the little guy suffers, and or dies, at the negligence or malevolence of a powerful business interest. Well, his words do not apply to himself, and he will need further lawyers in the FBI’s investigation concerning his shenanigans.

Does his party, tell him to drop it? No. Republicans will avoid battle as servicemen, but not in politics. They show little interest in behaving well. They do not want to relinquish any ground, even if stolen. It is sad the Democracy does not fight so tenaciously.
postscriptum: 19 February 2009. A page in the electronique ether, realises the inevitable, but time has been grinding on without the swearing in of Senator Franken, there is now a new contest. Guess the day Al Franken will be sworn in as Minnesota's junior senator.
O, and Norm Coleman is despicable.

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