Saturday, August 18, 2007

Turdblossom Retreats

Monday, the 13th, it was announced that Rove would leave the white house voluntarily. Some envisioned that he would be led in handcuffs or frog marched, but no he is merely trying to escape congressional scrutiny. He is to leave the District, will he need to go to a place that has no extradition treaty?

"Earlier this month, Karl Rove failed to comply with the Judiciary Committee's subpoena to testify about the mass firings of United States Attorneys. Despite evidence that he played a central role in these firings, just as he did in the Libby case involving the outing of an undercover CIA agent and improper political briefings at over 20 government agencies, Mr. Rove acted as if he was above the law. That is wrong. Now that he is leaving the White House while under subpoena, I continue to ask what Mr. Rove and others at the White House are so desperate to hide. Mr. Rove's apparent attempts to manipulate elections and push out prosecutors citing bogus claims of voter fraud shows corruption of federal law enforcement for partisan political purposes, and the Senate Judiciary Committee will continue its investigation into this serious issue." -- Patrick Leahy

"Rove leaves unindicted."-- Bill "gambler" Bennett

Bush junior praised him as the architect of his presidency. Rove first met the mudbrick, that he would later fashion, when as chairman of the College Republicans, a post given to him by the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Bush the first, he was assigned the task to give george junior car keys when junior came from Harvard to DC.

How did this doughy pudge ball of slimy evil become manifest? Was it of a bad family life? The man he thought was his father left home when Karl was nineteen. Now Karl would find out that he truly was a bastard and his presumed father was a sodomite. Some years later his mother was a suicide.

Was it of bad acquaintances? He dropped out of college to become executive director of the College Republican National Committee, later its head. The Nixon years finds him in the dirty trick ethos of watergate. The '72 College Republicans played rovian tricks for Dick Nixon. Later, the Washington Post runs an article "Republican Party Probes Official as Teacher of [Dirty] Tricks" and Dan Rather interviews him for 60 Minutes.

  • 1970 His first success was infiltrating an Illinois democrat's campaign, Alan Dixon's, to steal stationery to advertise "free beer, free food, girls, and a good time" to street bums
  • the first aide hired for GHW Bush '80 run, later fired for leaking
  • hired for GHW Bush '92 run, later fired for leaking to Bob Novak
  • 1994 used phone campaign to suggest that governor Anne Richards was a lesbian dominated by lesbians -- Bush junior benefits bigtime
  • 2000 ran a more involved campaign against John McCain in South Carolina where allegations that he adopted his own negro child, questioned his sanity and sexuality; helped Bush get "the christian vote" -- Bush junior benefits bigtime
  • 2000 involved in sending appartchniks and toadies to disrupt vote count in Florida
  • 2002 scurrilous attacks on Max Cleland and others who were against Bush's false war
  • 2004 Swift Boat smears against John Kerry -- Bush junior benefits bigtime
  • avoided being caught in the following white house scandals:

  • Jack Abramoff influence peddling
  • CIA spy leak to Novak to punish and smear war critic Joe Wilson, where he escaped indictment after 5 grand jury interviews where he finally admitted, after publicly denying leaking Valerie Plame's status
  • firing of federal prosecutors
  • politicising over a score of federal agencies

I remember in Dostoevskij's Bratija Karamazovi, Ivan Fëdorovič having a vision of the devil as a gentleman, of a certain age, seated on a sofa, dressed in a suit, of a certain age, physically unimpressive and the devil noticed, that he, himself, was not a dashing or fearsome presence, rather he was quite banal. I see Rove on that couch. Evil does not need a fanfare, it can just sit there. In how many photos of Bush, off to the side, sits or stands Rove? He is just there looking, watching and seemingly doing nothing.

Today, Michael Deaver, who was a deputy chief of staff, also, but to Reagan, died. He also mastered his man's image, but the image, though very controlled, was not vicious, arrogant and strutting while demonizing and belittling all others. True, Deaver was convicted of perjury concerning influence peddling, but he was a Republican after all. The difference between Rove and Deaver in, say, garden cultivation was that of between shelled armament and its shrapnel and that of rakes and hoes: destruction versus contouring.

Rove the non-believer in democracy and christianity foisted a mean drunken frat boy on this world. He gave this spoiled scion of wealth a persona as a christian defender of this country. They preyed on ignorant fools. This for the advancement of their wretched party. Every means thinkable, short of, perhaps, bloodletting (and this they had in a false war to do that), they employed. They needed something on the order of 50% to achieve their ends and the rest was of no consideration.

bush's texicans are diminishing: Gonzales, Hughes and Cheney. Rice, though no texican, will still be there to lie on. Perhaps some rodents prefer the shore.

"What we are seeing is the tip of a whole effort to make the federal government a subsidiary of the Republican Party. It was all politics, all the time." -- Henry Waxman

"Goodbye, good riddance."--John Edwards

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