Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, 27 August MMVII

It seems to-day's big news is the resignation of Gonzales. I should comment later on this, but remember his crimes include:
  • torture advocate
  • illegal wiretapping
  • voter suppression
  • lying to Congress
  • turning the department of justice into a part of the republican party
Another story that might embarrass, is the announcement of the arrest of a senator from Idaho, Larry Craig (R-certainly), for public perversion in the anonymous sodomite manner. His seat is up for grabs next year, but the last senate democratic victory in that state was a full generation ago, Frank Church 1974. People in Idaho knew Craig's predilections and there is no summit to republican hypocrisy. The mormon west will hold for the republicans, if it doesn't, there will be great befuddlement.

Also, on the other side, the Louisiana Democratic Party is using a campaign of bigotry against the catholic republican candidate for governor, Bobby Jindal. I tried to send this post to the ldp and its chairman, Chris Whittington:

As a catholic democrat, I am very upset with my party attacking my faith. I have always seen this as a republican dirty trick. You are using foul bigotry. Do not attack Jindal in this false and disgusting manner.

Today is Saint Monica's day, she the mother of Saint Augustine. She questioned Saint Ambrose on a different religious practice in Milan than she knew in Africa. Ambrose answered:

“When I am here, I do not fast on Saturday, but I fast when I am in Rome; do the same and always follow the custom and discipline of the Church as it is observed in the particular locality in which you find yourself.”

This comes down to us as, "when in Rome do as the Romans do". When in politics, do not do what the republicans do. The end does not not justify the means, is this not what the Good Shepherd taught?

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