Monday, July 23, 2007

republicans, supreme court, & abortion

6 October 2005

At the beginning of the year seven of nine Supreme Court justices were Republican appointees, now Bush has nominated two more. How many cards need to be drawn to fill out a straight? On October fourth he stated there was no "litmus test" used on the subject of abortion, he either dissembled or was not interested. Now, for all those who cajoled, harangued or tried to shame Christians into voting Republican by maintaining that all other issues were secondary to abortion, your argument has played out. Abortion will be judged against the law or the Republicans were cynically duplicitous and successfully hypocritical in exploiting an issue they did not want resolved.

The current administration has shown itself in fascistic fiats and fiascos. The greatest being a fraudulent aggressive military invasion and almost all other actions rooted in crony capitalism and orwellian doublespeak. The rich have become even more decadent and the poor more wretched. The nation is feared because of its power in the world, it is not respected.

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