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The Anti-Democratic Party

27 September 2003

The Anti-Democratic Party

On issues there are generally two sides: for and against, pro and contra, this or that. Anti means against. The first political party in the United States was the Federalists, they were opposed by the Anti-Federalists which became the Democrats. Now the Democrats were called the Democratic-Republicans, eventually a party appeared that was called the National Republicans and became the Whigs. In the elections of 1860-64 there were recombinations and local name variations: Northern Democrats, Southern Democrats, Republicans, Unionists, Constitutional Unionists, Unconditional Unionists and so forth. Lincoln was constitutionally elected as a minority winner as a Republican candidate in 1860 and as a Unionist in the '64 election.

Now the Federalists wanted a federal form of government, hence there name. A republic means a public thing. The sovereign and the country are not a private singular person or property -- no monarch, monarchy, king, kingdom, pharao or personal state. So in this sense, we are republicans. A democrat has an etymology too, the people rule.

Today, in America, we have two parties: the Democrats and the anti-Democrats. Will Rogers said, " I don't belong to an organized party. I am a Democrat." The anti-Democrats are tightly bound like the fasces on a mercury dime. There was no Democrat more reviled and hated than Franklin Roosevelt by the anti-Democrats. Prominent financial supporters of the anti-Democrats planned a military coup to prevent his accession. The majority of the press and the anti-Democrats raved against him, his wife and his dog. "A traitor to his class", "that man", "communist" he was called with great vexing loathing.

The word of mouth campaign against him continued upon his party after his death. The Democrats started wars, created fiscal irresponsibility, were anti-american, were communists and so on. Reagan as president blamed Roosevelt for World War II, did he forget Hitler and Pearl Harbor? His accuracy of history was always fussy. He suggested that the Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, was a communist for disagreeing with him on the Iran-contra operation and other matters

Now we have a president who came to office by extra-constitutional means and has instigated, with his his underlings and party, a war that no one before his regime saw coming. His fiscal policy has amassed a remarkable, quick and grand change in the national account book that sees no correction coming. And with all this; a smug careless attitude prevails and the media either salutes him or leaves him alone.

The last president was constitutionally elected twice, and went through an unending barrage that relentlessly worked against him. He survived the legal attempt to remove him from office on account of a petty sexual dalliance that the anti-Democrats saw as a threat to the Union.

The present government of Texas is controlled by the anti-Democrats. The Texas legislature was supposed to meet every second year. This year its session would have ended, but extra sessions were called and were going to be further called. And for what reason? So that congressional boundaries could be further gerrymandered to the benefit of the anti-Democrats.

In California a Democratic governor was legally re-elected. A rich anti-Democrat engineered a recall election so that he could gain the office and instead, he tearfully quit, after the field produced over a hundred candidates, and at least one candidate that his party would rather have.

Yes, America has an anti-Democratic party. Its methods are beyond regular civil politicking. They want power. They do not care for any result that does not give it to them. Majorities and constitutions mean nothing to them. They are allied to money interests. They care nothing about consequences. They will hide behind and try to manipulate nationalistic fervor. They do not care for world opinion. Italy and Germany had similar parties in the 1930s.

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