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Parties on Abortion

27 September 2003

Parties on Abortion

We have in America certain issues that politically generate much heat, sway many votes solely on the one stance and are peripheral to governance. Anyone who is suggested to be anti-Israel has no real chance to be a winning candidate. Anyone who does not agree totally with the gun lobby, which are absolutists, cannot win in non-urban areas. Now in abortion we have an unusual situation.

The politically astute and sly Republicans have played these single issues, that mean so much to so many people, brilliantly. They take the side issue, that is decisive to many, as their own. The Republicans have always represented the moneyed interests and, of course, want access to power. They know that their real platform would not garner one vote in twenty. They would rather run on banning flag burning, prayer in schools or whatever else can be opportunely used. The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism, as we all know.

But abortion is the one issue that Republicans have the discretion to have a stance independent. It is the one issue that makes a Republican a moderate, no matter what else. Now, nationally, it is the reverse with the Democrats. No matter what a Democrat believes in, he is persona non grata, if he is against abortion.

When George H. W. Bush was a congressman, he was the Planned Parenthood poster boy in the House. His father, Prescott, was Margaret Sanger's treasurer, beginning in 1947. Since abortion was legalized five Republican presidents have held the office. It seems only funding for abortion has been reduced. Robert Casey, who had been governor of Pennsylvania, was refused by Clinton to speak at the 1996 Democratic convention. The national Democratic website has links to anti-Catholic pro abortion sites.

There has been instituted a religious test act for judges who are or once were faithful members of the Catholic church. We first saw this in connection with the confirmation of Clarence Thomas. Kwase Mfume, then a Democratic Maryland congressman, questioned whether Clarence's former faith disqualified him. This was mostly about Roe v. Wade. Senator Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, thought such a religious concern was legitimate. Thomas was questioned about abortion and natural law and recanted and was confirmed 52-48.

Now federal judgeships have been delayed on Miguel Estrada and Bill Pryor for similar reasons. An advertisement that upset the Democrats had judicial doors holding the sign, "no catholics need apply". Orrin Hatch finds the sentiment accurate. This is the first time since 1960 that anyone has politically suggested anti-catholicism existed. The suggestion which culturally is so visibly obvious is not game to say, because it is so weaved in the fabric of the english speaking world. The Republicans have never been pro-Catholic. This is just a fortunate accident. These judges have not been nominated for their position on abortion. The Republicans will play this out better than the Democrats.

Abortion is a profitable industry. Social darwinism and eugenics have argued for abortion. Paul Ehrlich wrote a successful book using the lifeboat metaphor for global overpopulation. He has since admitted, that he was not academically honest in his admitted propaganda. Rich foundations supported Planned Parenthood, which is the chief provider of abortions and, significantly, bears an orwellian, doublethink name. Bill Gates and Ted Turner have recently given millions to similar causes. The solution to poverty and the wretched among us, as the prohibition of birth has been portrayed, is procured abortion on demand or abortion demanded as the final solution.

Abortionists' other lies that modern science, beyond just rational thought, have disproved have included: the fetus is not living, the fetus feels no pain, the fetus before full term cannot survive. These were standard arguments for abortion that are no longer used. The hallowed Roe v. Wade case was based on a fraudulent plaintiff, whom now speaks against abortion. The duplicity and ugliness of the proponents' arguments and philosophies are astounding. Economic and social convenience seem the only fully non-malevolent rationale for abortion.

It is understandable how the Republicans have played abortion. They have finessed marvelously. They gain votes and positions and sacrifice nothing. All these issues benefit the Republicans and they need them to continue for enduring success. Their true agenda will win them nothing, it has to be camouflaged and diverted. But the Democrats' commitment to abortion is wrong, senseless and counterproductive. They alienate many one time supporters, they are exhibiting a negative religious bias that is counter to their history, they lose votes and they are politically foolish: less abortions, more voters.

post script -- 11 August 2007
We can see that with even a congress with democrat majorities in both houses, Bush can get his way. For most of six years the will of congress and the federal government was dictated by Bush. Bush could have increased, constitutionally, the number of supreme court justices to have Roe v. Wade overturned. It has never been suggested by anyone, I can think of, since the 30s. I bring it up, to point out, that, Bush and his party are not interested in the ending of abortion, but only in the continuing battle.

post script -- 13 March 2009
The current chairman of the Republican party, Michael Steele, had a lengthy interview with a reporter from GQ, in which he let slip the truth. He may be punished for that. Now, there you have a former catholic seminarian, who is "pro-choice" and welcomes that view in party members.

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