Monday, July 23, 2007

outrageous republicans

The website Democratic Underground has a column it calls, "Conservative Idiots". In the high 90 percentiles it includes Republican scoundrels. Sometimes it is wrong or goes too far, but most of times it is 10 of ten in being correct on the infamy. I would consider myself a conservative, but not a "Republican", well I might be one in Ireland or in Britain, and that's the point. The same word means something else in someone else's lexicon. So here I will from time to time mention some outrageous or hypocritical Republican miscreant that is harmful to the body politic and the republic. Oh but where to start? by current incident? by accumulation of transgressions? Perhaps the latest is a Louisiana senator? But no! That one is a small rotting fish. Let us start with a stench defying hall of fame, and the numbers are not to be indicative of rank:

  1. george bush junior aka shrub
  2. Karl Rove aka turdblossom
  3. Tom Delay aka roachkiller
  4. Dick Cheney aka gunner
  5. Newt Gingrich aka fathead
  6. George Allen Jr.
  7. George Herbert Walker Bush
  8. Dick Armey
  9. Orrin Hatch
  10. Fox news [sic]

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