Thursday, January 3, 2008

Parade the Constitution

At the end of the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena, California there appeared citizen marchers: the White Rose Coalition.* These people marched with a banner of the Constitution. In many parades, people freely join the march at the end of the "official" line up. I remember doing this as a child at the end of a St. Anthony of Padua parade.

This is more patriotic than carrying flags. It is a grand gesture and a great idea. This should be done all over the land. It would be most appropriate in Independence Day parades. We know they had a more specific reason than general patriotism, but what american could object. The 4h of July announced the Declaration of Independence, it is even more à-propos and germane for that day and parade, naturally, the Declaration should be front and center, and with the Declaration, the Constitution. These banners should be permanent, national, parade elements. To object to this, would be akin to objecting the presence of the bible in church.

To-day is the Iowa Caucuses. The press with both obsessiveness and narrow focus has covered this. It was accident that I found out about the action and photo of the above. The corporate national press restricts and dismisses news―effectively censors.

Opposition to the war and impeachment of bushcheney have been hidden from the public and has not been covered or shown. Some issues are manufactured and displayed; others are suppressed. Report after report says there is a virtual three way tie at the top of the Democracy's list: Hillary and Obama. I am for the seldom mentioned third ― Edwards.

Hillary is the the most Republican of the group, and she shows it. She has that air of presumption and entitlement that is so inherent among the anti-democratic party, and are we not experiencing the down side disaster of nepotism? She was president of her college's Young Republican club. I remember these people from university, so smug, so confident, so ignorant. Mrs. Clinton is reluctant to be seen "soft on defense" and is most welcomed by the moneyed powers and yet, republican voters say they like her the least. Win or lose she is the favorite candidate of the Republicans [as the candidate for the Democracy].

Huckabee crossed the picket line to appear on a talk show last night, broadcasting what he thinks of collective bargaining and unionism. There are worse in his party: Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, Hunter and some congressmen that have departed the hunt and chase. We are fortunate, that the worst fell on his own petard, georgeallenjr. Senator Webb protected the nation from that travesty and idiocy as he is now doing in keeping the Senate open against the machinations of the other buffoon george.
*in reference to a group of christian german students at the University of Munich, executed by the government for criticizing the government for its shameful behavior.
"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!"― motto of the White Rose resistance

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