Saturday, January 5, 2008

the continuing electoral process

Of those seeking the nomination from the party rival to the Democracy, Ron Paul is a true democrat. He actually believes in the Constitution, including both the first and fourth amendments. For this alone he stands apart and above his field. And because of that, he will not be permitted the nomination or airtime, and he will be scurrilously attacked. If Mr. Paul does well, he will still be ignored. The corporate press is selective in presentation and in framing questions. The motto of the Murdoch, propaganda, television network is so telling in a freudian manner. The New York Times motto is, also, self-promoting flim-flam. All of this is contrary to, the historian, Leopold von Ranke's manner: "wie es eigentlich gewesen war".* He said that history should be written as it actually had happened without directing commentary.

Huckabee won Iowa to the great dismay of his party. There is a professor, who has an excellent site: He writes the following today:
It's the Republican establishment that hates Huckabee. The reason is clear but the media are scared to talk about it. The truth is what the current administration really cares about is tax cuts, expecially big ones for the rich. What was the first thing George Bush after Jan. 20, 2001? Tax cuts, including lowering the top marginal rate from 39.6% to 35%. If you are making $10 million a year, that's $460,000 extra in your pocket. After Bush's 2004 victory, he said that the election gave him political capital and he intended to spend it. So what did he do? He spent two months traveling around the country trying to sell a plan to privatize (read: phase out) social security. He didn't spend two months trying to get a constitutional amendment banning abortions or forbidding same-sex marriages. He could have, but didn't want to spend his political capital that way. Even when pleasing the Base was cheap he didn't do it. Remember that his long-time friend, Harriet Miers, was his first Supreme Court nominee, and he asked her to withdraw only after the Base protested loudy. The Republican party's dirty little secret is that upper management really doesn't care much about the social issues; they care about taxes. They trot out the social issues just before each election to whip the Base up into a frenzy and conveniently forget about them after winning. Huckabee is a real threat because he sincerely believes in the Bible. He's not just making it up to get votes. He's become their Frankenstein monster and must be eliminated.
I do not have the tradition, where I shout, "Amen", in agreement to propositions and arguments, as some religious believers do, but, "Amen", "Amen", "Amen", "Amen", "Amen", and "Amen". I still would not vote for Huckabee, but he is far better than the "approved" candidates of the Republicans. The worst currently available is Romney. He is the Stepford candidate. He is a panderer, a dissembler, oh, he is a politician, I am being redundant. He has been publicly maneuvering for the presidency since his involvement with the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. He has a feeling of entitlement to the position.

The capturing of the governorship of Massachusetts was a brilliant stroke: a mormon being the governor of a state that is vilified for electing liberal Democrats for two generations, a state with a catholic population. The boy is from Michigan and the press does not seem to know, they don't realize that the Bushes are from Connecticut and Maine. They are recognized by territories they conquered.
*in the 1824 preface of Geschichten der Romanischen und Germanischen Volker von 1492 bis 1535
postscriptum: On ABC television Saturday night on this day, 5 January, Romney, and also Giuliani attacked Paul on so called ― foreign security matters; showing that Paul is rational and the other two are fearmongers and hairy chest beaters, Romney being especially repellent and wrong.

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