Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anton Vovk *1900, †1963

Auxillary Bishop Anton Vovk, on 20 January 1952, in his duty to preside over the sacrament of confirmation was set upon, at the train station, in Novo Mesto Slovenija, Jugoslavija. A group of young communists poured gasoline on him and made a torch of him. He had been warned not to go there, he insisted to exercise the duties of his office

A ten day, suspended sentence was meted out by the court since the attack was "acted under a justified impulsion of revolt against the reactionary clergy, enemy of the people." Tito's Jugoslavija persecuted the Catholic population in socialist partisan zeal. At the end of the war many were martyred, the terror was not yet ended.

Vovk survived, never to be well again. He was later to attend the Second Vatican Council, where the West could see what communist occupation of a territory meant.

in odium fidei, uti fertur
priest for 40 years, bishop for 16, first archbishop of Ljubljana (1961-63)
born: 19 May 1900 in Vrba, Gorenjska - Slovenija (Austrian empire)
protocol number: 2247
nulla osta: 23 January 1999
actor: Nadškofijski Ordinariat, Ciril-Metodov trg 4, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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