Monday, November 19, 2007

The Word of God

There is a movement beginning amongst certain evangelicals, that calls itself Red-Letter Christians; the red letters being the words of Christ, printed with red ink to stand out from the rest of the text in black, and most of these are in the four gospels. Now there are other evangelicals irked over this*. Those who make this distinction believe in the primacy of the Gospel and of Christ within the Gospel.

The Second Vatican Council, in 1965, voted 2,344 to 6 on the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation – Dei Verbum . The first two words of the document give it its name. Dei Verbum is the Word of God. Within the document it is reaffirmed that sacred Tradition and sacred Scripture are equal and the ultimate author is God, and within Scripture:
It is common knowledge that among all the Scriptures, even those of the New Testament, the Gospels have a special preeminence, and rightly so, for they are the principal witness for the life and teaching of the incarnate Word, our Savior.
This sola scriptura ruse some use is either naïve or fraudulent, and, also, that all what is considered holy writ is equal to any other part. Neither Jew nor Catholic can accept this. The Pentateuch, that is the Torah, is of greater import than the Haftorah. There are Jews, Karaites among them, who only accept the Torah; further, there are the Palestinian and the Alexandrian canons.of scripture and Jews do not recognize the New Testament. How or who determines what is Scripture? and if some body of material is excluded by some, then when someone reveres what someone else rejects, how can the authority and interpretation of that part be made mandatory on the disbeliever?

Christ's ministry from Incarnation to Ascension is central to the salvation of Christians. The Sermon on the Mount is at the center of Jesus' teachings. This should be self evident. This is Gospel truth. Now, this is not binding on the Jew, but this is on the Christian. The 613 mitzvot (commandments) of the Old Testament are not all binding on the Christian, but for those who maintain, that all scripture is the same equal unity of God's Word throughout, well logically they must be.

The New Testament was not necessary to convert the faithful, there were practicing Christians already, it was written to share more information with them, as there were faithful Jews before the Old Testament was complete, and that took centuries. We would be Christians today, even, without one page being written.

Jesus was and is the Logos. His words as Logos have to be more important. Among the mohammedans the Logos is the Koran, some protestants have this sort of belief about the Bible, yet they throw out seven books and Luther wanted fewer still. They lack a certain consistency of argument and are nonplussed about it.
*In part, by understanding of writ, but more so by the actions demanded on the Christian. Jesus's number one usage of a verb is some form of "to do", and it is in the imperative. The Voice from the burning bush spoke, "I am that I am ". Christ made a number of "I am" statements. To be is "esse" in latin and german "essen". "I am" is first person singular of to be. God is essence and He wants us to do. We are required to act as God tells us to act. Good works are mandatory. Faith is a good work. Theologically and politically these anti-red letter christians are upset.

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