Thursday, November 22, 2007

Twenty Second of November

Today, in american notation, is 11/22, in european 22. 11.. Everyday is a commemoration of much, most unknown to us. Today, for example, on the christian calendar, is St. Cecilia's Day, on the US civil calendar, it is Thanksgiving, Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille, and John Kennedy died horribly in Dallas.

The three bullets that targeted John Kennedy shocked this nation, more so, than any event since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Looking back at his short era, it became readily and easily mythologized as Camelot. I can hear the welsh baritone of Richard Burton resound in my mind. America looked good and brave to the world. There was a commitment to find the "best and the brightest", even if they turned out not to be the wisest. People believed in the image, those who created the image believed in the image, and the image was making headway into becoming real. How different is America today. In the future, who will wax nostalgic for an ignorant, miserable, disastrous fascist? if they are not required to? What an ugly face America shows to the world now.

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