Friday, November 23, 2007

While you were out ...

We are under an usurpation of the executive branch by falsely and extra legally installed criminals who wish to rule without constitutional guidance or encumbrances. The Constitution defines our government and is our protection against tyrants.

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is using pro forma sessions to keep the Senate from adjourning. This is being done to prevent egregious recess appointments. The sort of appointments that brought John Bolton to darken the UN and a gluttonous, Texas millionaire to an ambassadorship, one of the financiers of the libelous and slanderous swift boat smear.

Every measure the Constitution allows ought to be employed to thwart these executive fascists. One great protection is not being employed, and that is impeachment.

Bruce Fein, constitutional proponent from the political right (read Republican) and John Dean, Nixon's white house counsel, both spell out, in detail, the case and the necessity of impeachment. The Democrats are cowards in not proceeding. In part, they worry about their electoral future and they are scared to embarrass the country with the spectacle and the naked truth, that this government has been illegally taken. Myth is loved more than truth or justice.

The corporate press media has been complicit. There is a great percentage of people in this country that approve of impeachment proceedings. The press does not report. Pollsters do not poll. Financial considerations do not approve of this avenue of expression and activity. Dennis Kucinich proposes the right thing and he is mocked, dismissed or ignored.

We live with an unjust war. Our civil liberties are eroding. Impeachment is our defense and protection. IMPEACHMENT NOW! for the cause of justice and to protect us from future transgressions.

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