Monday, October 22, 2007

There are no bush bashers

They deem him their worst enemy who tells them the truth. -- Plato

Unfortunately, ‘I told you so,’ is an incredibly unsuccessful campaign slogan.-- Howard Dean

There are no bush bashers. Republicans cannot win many arguments with truth, facts, evidence or logic. They do quite well with definition of terms and picking agenda. Of course, they can do this simultaneously with what they cannot do well.

The main tool they have in their toolbox is the hammer of character assassination. They have invented the term “bush bashing
to discredit and belittle any critic of bush, for they will try to prevent all criticism of him, and that includes factual descriptions.*

No one uses the term Hoover bashing, or Hitler bashing, or Nietzsche bashing, or Darwin bashing, or Byrd bashing, or Kennedy bashing. No matter how repugnant some ideas or deeds of men were, or how controversial an opponent is or was, has the term basher been applied to their critic automatically as a compound word, sort of the way damn yankee was used in the south for generations as one word.

The Republicans have played the table in fixing the course of debate. Never have they followed Aristotle or Cicero or any classical rhetorician. They use the big lie and have the greatest contempt for the american public.
*Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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