Monday, October 8, 2007

Another installment of outrageous republicans

#1 Jack Kingston, a congressman of Georgia, introduced a resolution to commend the wealthy, druggie, radio mouth Limbaugh, after some Democrats took Limbaugh to task, for equating soldiers who criticize the war as traitors. Remember, Limbaugh is one of the myriad of Republican supporters of war who made sure he didn't wear the uniform, himself, under any circumstances.

Who knows who is Kingston outside of Georgia? On the scale of metrics, he is more extreme than Delay in voting patterns and issues. He is tightly on the side of bushjr. When the Democrats regained the House he whined loudly about having to work a five day week, he for himself demands three; of course, someone working 72 hours a week at minimum wage should shut up.

#2 Larry Craig, a senator of Idaho, typical republican hypocrite, is now involved in a public soap opera. Craig was one of those who publically scolded Bill Clinton about his sexual infidelity. Perhaps, in comparison to himself, one is naughty to cheat on his wife with a woman, but not so with many anonymous men. His fellow staters have not made it clear to the nation on what they think of him.

Now, David Vitter, a senator of Louisiana, another republican hypocrite, has been caught several times with his pants down with rented wives by the night and hour. Still he does not make the status of his colleagues on that alone.

#3 David Dreier, a congressman of southern California, who would be Republican minority leader, save for the fact, that, he keeps his sodomite playmate as his chief of staff. He was Delay's man.
The Republicans are the party of unrestricted wealth and hypocrisy. They are ripe with decadence and perverson, a priori and, by definition. No one should be surprised by any scandal they are part of.

#4 Any Republican who was for the impeachment of Clinton and is not for the impeachment of Bush junior is a hypocrite most foul. They are enemies of the Constitution and a clear and present danger to the Republic.

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