Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catholic perspective on bush junior

In a recent number of Our Sunday Visitor, the cover story graded gwbushjr from a catholic perspective. Mr. Shaw’s article was either carefully vetted or self censored. A catholic perspective would necessarily contain a humanitarian and social justice view and a political stance on fair play and justice.

bush came to power extra constitutionally and by electoral fraud. His total disregard for the Constitution will be his greatest legacy to american political life and history. His desire for war and torture and obliviousness to its repercussions must be noted. One may be defined by his professed views, but one’s actions prove the case. Catholic theology has always maintained that the means do not justify the ends. bush and his ilk, and his base have no scruples about means. A catholic perspective on bush, must be that, he is a miserable and dangerous failure.

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