Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flying shoes and clueless legacy

I always thought the word ‘shoe’ delightfully fun to say. It has only two sounds, each funny in itself ― the consonant š or ʃ and the long vowel ― u.

Sunday, in Baghdad an angry reporter let fly his shoes. His target dodged the shoes easier and quicker, than he dodged questions and Viet Nam. Muntadhar al-Zeidi yelled, “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!” with the first toss, and “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq!” with the second.

Now, it looks funny in an hostile, ridiculous manner to an american viewing, while it looks severly hostile, and extremely contemptuous, to an arab. bushjr did not seem to gather that. The words of al-Zeidi should be noted, he clearly, and defiantly tells all.

bushjr and his defenders falsely claim, that, this is a fruit of the freedom of the new democracy, that was absent before american intervention. Even under the worst tyranny, a man is free to act once. Now, a second time would speak to freedom, not the first. Where is al-Zeidi now?* and what sort of physical shape is he in? can he walk? can he stand? can he talk?

bushjr was there on a victory strut, though a secret, unannounced one. In all, he spent not much more than minutes in Irak, just long enough to mark the territory.

The last historical funny concerning a shoe was, when, Nikita Sergejevič Khruščev pounded a table with his shoe. In Baghdad it was with joyous contempt, when, several people beat the head of the statue of Saddam Hussein, that was torn down by members of the US military. Now, humorists and comedians are being given a parting gift. It is easy to have people guffaw over this. A sketch could be pantomimed, wherein, after the first two shoes are thrown, there is a pause, then a wild flurry of shoes fill the air, and then a few stragglers. Or will there be a security confiscation of all footwear, so that,only, the unshod can be in the presence? No cavalry units in any military review, george does not like horses or burros, anyway. Well, if the shoe fits...

Martha Raddatz had a conversation, and interview, with bush after the shoe incident. She remarks to him, that, the shoe throwing is ‘a huge insult’. his response: “I guess... I don't know what his beef is...” Soon he takes credit for securing america and the world against al Qaeda:
bush: Clearly, one of the most important parts of my job because of 9/11 was to defend the security of the American people. There have been no attacks since I have been president, since 9/11. One of the major theaters against al Qaeda turns out to have been Iraq. This is where al Qaeda said they were going to take their stand. This is where al Qaeda was hoping to take ...

Raddatz: But not until after the U.S. invaded.

bush: Yeah, that's right. So what?
These words, are the words, of a spoiled teenager: ‘I guess’ = dismissive, (perhaps feigned) disinterest, uncomprehending. ‘I don't know what his beef is’ = incomprehension and obliviousness, that, anyone would have a problem with him is narcissistic idiocy, where idiocy is that form of self-centered egotism, where, nothing outside of the self is recognised. Then the numbing effect of the response to his parried falsity: ‘Yeah, that's right. So what?’ = surly defiance and anger with no appreciation for truth and reality. He presents an argument and its conclusion, and she shows that the the entire premise of his argument is false, and therefore the argument is non credible, it is worthless, because it is false; and he admits it is false, and dismisses that the falsity matters not at all.
*Since I have written this, earlier to-day, I have read a Reuters article, that states, that, a judge has seen
al-Zeidi, and al-Zeidi is currently in hospital with injuries. He faces imprisonment of 7 - 15 years. An Associated Press article says, that, al-Zeidi will be in court Wednesday facing 2 years in prison, and is some what doubtful about injuries. Many reports say injuries from severe beating.

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