Friday, October 31, 2008

Why so much early voting?

Several states have encouraged early voting, some in person and some by post. I will be on the road, working out of town and staying in a motel, on election day. I have voted absentee, for the first time. The television has shown long lines at boards of elections, some with only black people in lines.

I know why. The black electorate is enthusiastic about the candidacy of Barack Obama, but, that is not the main rationale. They, as I, do not trust the polling places on Tuesday. The fascists have tried to rig and steal elections. Remember, Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004 and other places, by computer fraud, disenfranchisement and discouraging voters, by any means necessary. The special targets are negro citizens, though, not exclusively. I cannot be confident, that, my Democratic vote will be counted as a Democratic vote. Ohio is the home of Diebold, the company, that, makes automated teller machines that photographs users and dispenses receipts, yet makes unverifiable voting machines; they currently use another name for that division.

The early voting is an attempt to pre-empt Republican chicanery. The false charge of voting fraud is there to muddy the waters and cause doubt of real votes. One may be wrongly and falsely registered, even multiply so, but that is not voter fraud; that is registration fraud, at most. Most, virtually all, of the bad registrations will never vote. A person, out of ignorance, may be multiply registered; he will vote once, if at all.

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