Friday, October 10, 2008

the republican mob

It disgusts, but does not surprise. In recent McCain and Palin events, the crowds have exhibited some ugly and hateful outbursts of hostility.

The Republican party is the american fascist party, and it shows. There is a basic meanness. They are nationalists, racists, xenophobes and imperialists. They fundamentally do not believe in democracy. The democrats have a surging wave building. The busheviks stole two, close elections; this election will not be close. This base core of lumpenfascists is not accepting this as an outcome. One of the basic tenets, and claims, of these volk is, that, they possess monopoly on patriotism and americanism. They wish to dictate, and decide, on to whom, the identity of american can apply.

Palin is a glib and banal character. She appeals to these rough and vapid masses, whom are becoming mobs. They are disdainful of any press, that is, not in the republican, true believer, wingnut or knuckle dragging camp. Eventually journalistic crews will be physically attacked. An outsider will be taking a gamble on his safety and well being. I hazard to extend the metaphor.

Republicans have been yelling, "socialist","treason","terrorist" and "traitor" at the mention of the next president's name. This could escalate to much worse. These people would certainly not accept these epithets for bush jr., but the double standard is the standard Republicans employ.
postscriptum: A couple hours after writing this, I saw on television, John McCain trying to neutralise some of the adamantly, stringently stupid. He was trying to defend Barack Obama, from blatant falsehoods, from his supposed supporters. He was booed. Booed by your own partisans, clearly, he is not rabidly, Republican enough. Rove, bush, Fox news [sic], et alia have created monsters. He may also be acknowledging to himself, that, the game is lost, and is saddened, by the part he has played. McCain may be a Republican, but some of the ilk of his co-travellers disgusts him, none-the-less. McCain, after bushjr, was the only chance his party had for victory. The other candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, were wretched. His selection of Palin could not have come from the top of his depth chart. He has tried stunts to gain attention, but without substance, and they did not hold. He will have to work, after November, for self redemption.

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