Saturday, September 6, 2008

What have we seen in Minnesota?

Fascist stormtroopers patrolling the outside, while fascist adherents rant inside, but the fascist-in-chief is ignored during their worship and bacchanal. Are these fascists schizophrenic? They still believe in their scripted fascism, even when their leader (f├╝hrer) has kept to the script and is known to be a failure. Einstein, and sometimes Franklin, is famously, though incorrectly, quoted in giving a definition of insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”*

Inside, they say the war is keeping America free, while police thugs trample the first amendment outside. When, anywhere in this land, one tries to publicly witness to peace, thereby, being against war; they are surely verbally abused by taunting, war approving, nationalists. These self-defined ‘patriots’, will tell them to leave America and go to France, or see if they could protest in China, or the middle east. The state and many americans do not respect the first amendment, they fear it.

Why is it that Republicans hate the Constitution, except for the second amendment? The demonstrators, and journalists and spectators, outside, believe in the Constitution, but did not, even, consider to attempt to exercise their second amendment rights. If even one did, they would have been slaughtered.

The armed stormtroopers, ah ... police, raided a rented hall, the friday before, with a secret warrant. The only violation they found was a fire code item. The US does, now, practice pre-emption. It is part of bush junior’s regimen. During the week of the convention, at least 800 were arrested. In that number, there were several photographers and journalists. Such individuals are of danger to the authorities and were dealt with accordingly.
*Rita Mae Brown, Sudden Death, 1983.
noto bene: the photographer, Matt Rourke, of the photograph above, was one of the arrested.

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