Monday, September 1, 2008

Remember their last candidate

To-day, Labor Day, is being besmirched by those, whom wish, to take away all rights from labor. That party is the institutional fascist party. That party, which, has usurped government and proved treacherous to the Constitution. That party of miserable failures, and filthy lucre. That party of chimpy bush, that roved John McCain in 2000.

Now, for seven and a half years, McCain has toadied to junior. He has become John McBush. He has lived longer than the three score and ten allotted for a, full, active life. He may soon be of the second infancy, and senility, that Ronnie the actor experienced. He may have sold his soul in the craving desire for the presidency.

Certainly, the Republican party slime and distortion machine, that had him targeted, now, is being used on his behalf. They must be judged on their actions, not on their words and promises. His party has stolen government, and has been wretched in, almost, every way. For these sorts of reasons, they have disqualified themselves for consideration to represent and rule. The first operating logical criterion in catholic ethics, is that, the means never justify the ends!

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