Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kucinich the Patriot

Dennis Kucinich is the congressman that represents the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.. All America can be proud of the old boy. He makes a point of carrying a copy of the Constitution on him. The man knows that it is more than a prop. It is reminiscent of people who wear religious medals around their neck, or of Earl Weaver, the Orioles manager, who would wave the baseball rule book at umpires. That Constitution has been in great danger, and has been disregarded by the public. This regime in power has shredded it unto confetti.

Mister Kucinich has been laughed at and ridiculed. But he clearly, and accurately, sees the existential situation of the Republic. He is pressing for impeachment, impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors far greater than Nixon’s. He is not going for the petty and tawdry circus of revenge as the Republicans did against Bill Clinton. He is not trying to squash a non-conformist to Republican rule, as was the case of Andrew Johnson in the mid-nineteenth century, when the Republicans first came to power. He is attempting to protect the country from an usurper, whom believes only in the exercise of his own will, and the nefarious cabal that has blackened the honor of the land.

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