Thursday, July 24, 2008

The american president and the germans

To-day will be seen as a day of counterpoint comparison. Barack Obama spoke to 200 thousands in Berlin, Germany, or ‘old europe’ as Rumsfeld called it. John McCain groused at the Fudge Haus in German Village, Columbus, Ohio. Obama gives a speech on the world stage, while a cranky, geezer appears silly in Ohio.

McCain complained that his opponent did not see the theatres of combat, and lacked foreign policy experience. Obama has embarked on a successful mini world tour. McCain fumes at home. He wanted to go to a gulf oil platform by Louisiana, in order to have a photo shot, to bolster more offshore drilling. To-day 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel is spilt on The Mississippi about New Orleans.

John McCain is showing signs of desperation as he fulminates. He has a commercial that blames the price of gasoline on Obama. Who started the war for Iraq’s oilfields? Is he going to be ridiculous in his accusations? John McCain has made verbal errors of assertion, that were covered up by CBS. The corporate media is propping up McCain, partly because, they want to make the contest appear a horse race. There is a possibility of a grand wave, a landslide for the Democracy, across the country. A real one, not the george bush junior sort, where clever and determined cheating produces less than fifty percent.

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