Saturday, April 26, 2008

Virtually invisible outrageous Republicans

I was wanting to write about Republicans who proclaim their opposition to abortion, yet oppose other parts of catholic social teaching as being ‘leftist’. These catholics are willing to be catholic when it costs them nothing, but when the capitalist-republican [read fascist] system is threatened they will, either, attack or dissemble. I had in mind: Congressman Thaddeus McCotter or Karl Rove’s pet catholic, Deal Hudson, him of the Rudy Giuliani commitment to marriage. Only very catholic democrats would be incensed over that pair of bullocks. But, this past week, there are two Republicans that even Republicans might find outrageous:

#1. The returning challenger for Indiana's 2nd congressional district, Tony Zirkle, who got 30% of the 2006 primary vote. Zirkle addressed a Nazi social gathering, an American National Socialist Workers Party dinner for the 119th anniversary of Hitlers birth. Some people would think this a democrats attempt at an April fool joke, but no this, indeed, did happen. Of course, many of us think it is a natural.

#2. The newly appointed Republican state representative, Douglas Bruce, of Colorado kicked a newspaper photographer, while being sworn in. He was the first member ever censured in Colorado. Monday, the 21st, during debate about migrant braceros, he said, “We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado.” Now, this is the state Tancredo represents, who also criticised the pope, during his visit in America, over immigration. Kathleen Curry, who was temporarily exercising the Speaker of the House duty, cut Bruce off from continuing after the ‘illiterate peasant’ remark, but she is a Democrat. The man has at least two career anecdotes in his first three months.

When one hears of such antics, he immediately is simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by these human trainwrecks, either by the blatant banality or the audacity of aggravating stupidity. These two do not have a national presence, but they have caught the interest of the teletype wires for — Oh, looky at what this idiot has done to-day! These two are fully representative of a very significant portion of the Republican party and their voters. The difference between them and bushjr’s circle is that they lack …

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