Monday, April 7, 2008

bushjr and Posterity

from Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury strip 27 August 2006.

Richard Gephardt’s evaluation of bushjr as “a miserable failure”, stated September 4, 2003 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, is succinct and charitable. If history, dear Clio, were to be loquacious, she will produce a jeremiad of volumes, with footnotes to fill a shelf.

Jim Hightower, at the 1988 Democratic National Convention, in Atlanta Georgia spoke of his progenitor as a man “born on third base [who] thought he had hit a triple”. Well, jr, is a one, who swings wildly at three pitches, straight and fat down the middle and misses, all three, and says he hit a 500 foot home run.

bushjr is, now, fond of saying, that history will judge him well. He is lying. One, of his script liars, created a campaign to have him compared to Harry Truman. Truman is turning and cursing in his grave. Truman knew Republicans, and described them perfectly. bushjr is no Truman. Harding was a better president than bushjr, at least Harding realised he was incapable of the job, and he was not a warmonger; oh!, and he was legally elected. Now, there are some historians, who count Buchanan as the worst, because his presidency led to a war of secession. bushjr is creating new lows. No american individual, not Andy Jackson nor Dick Nixon, was so cavalier about the law. No one, other than possibly Cheney or Aaron Burr, has deserved impeachment more.

He is saying this to deflect criticism and questions. He is trying to use one-ups-man-ship to maintain, that he, knows more than you. The man is proud to be an anti-intellectual, and with that great standing, he posits his validity and false superiority; imagine a demonic, idiotic Münchhausen.

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