Sunday, December 2, 2007

The tender mercies of mohammedans

An English woman, in her late middle age, sits imprisoned in Sudan. Townsfolk of the capital have gathered outside with homey instruments of destruction. They want her death, they want to inflict that death with their own hands.

She, Gillian Gibbons, may return to Liverpool, God willing. In the Sudan the mohammedan government has engaged brutish war with the non-mohammedan south. The government has allowed the western province of Darfur to undergo an ethnic genocide. Previously, the government harbored Osama bin Laden and his bandit forces. Lancashire is beginning to look like paradise.

Sudan is a bloody and dangerous place, where cruelty and desolation await and has taken many thousands of lives and it is on going. The international community does not much care.

The english woman's crime? If someone were to read this before the event, they might have seen it as ridiculous satire. In years to come, if they read an account of it, they would shake their head in disbelief. This is a country where villages are burned to the ground, women raped and mutilated and people are massacred. And where the english woman allowed a stuffed toy be named Mohammed by seven year olds.

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