Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ventura body slams mouthfoamers

Jesse Ventura became known to America as a television wrestler and loudmouth. He became a political figure, first as a mayor and then as a successful, third party candidate for Minnesota governor. He defeated the loser Coleman, and Hubert Humphrey’s son. He made the national media notice by some controversial statements.

Well, recently he has been promoting a book. I have seen three segments of television, where he is not promoting the book, but fighting for the honor of the nation. He has, in succession, verbally defeated three, rabid mouthfoamers. Their logic is wretched, their enthusiasm is dogged. Mr. Ventura makes the honest and rational argument, that, torture is illegal, immoral and ineffective. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Brian Kilmeade and Sean Hannity advocated for the devil, and could not speak calmly, honestly or rationally. Kilmeade, an individual I was blissfully unaware of, was extremely repugnant toward Ventura, and eventualy fled his own show in a fit of pique, and defeat.

Mr. Ventura was a navy veteran, with highly specialised training. He was a SEAL. Kilmeade, in effect, called him a coward and a traitor. Ventura has repeatedly identified Cheney's motive and lies. ‘Enhanced interrogation’ is an obfuscation, an insidious, invented synonym for torture. The bully, Hannity (practically admitted he was a bully that could not intimidate Ventura), tried to get his false last words in again, and again. Mr. Ventura did not relinquish the ground to this villain.

Jesse Ventura has been painted, and has acted the entertaining fool, but he is telling the necessary truth. Those, who are trying to stifle him, all speak from the same, diabolic script. They do not interview, they interrogate.

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