Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

Albrecht Altdorfer. The Resurrection of Christ. c. prior 1518. Vienna.
Painted, concurrently, with the onset of the german heresy, to which the painter later succumbed to, this was a portion of an altarpiece from, the Augustine monastery, Sankt Florian, Upper Austria. Christ is risen before many, in what appears to be a large, mountain, forest grotto, in expressively vivid colors. We are not in 1st century, roman, occupied Judea (Palestine). On the left stands an armored halberdier, one of the, then, newly, formed landsknecht, that would be prominent in supporting the protestant princes against the peasantry, and the catholic emperor, and would also be employed by the same Habsburg emperor, against the rebellious princes, and in other wars. Jesus was victorious over death; the halberdier became emblematic of renaissance germany.

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