Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chinese Olympics

The propaganda, preening and placement of this Olympics must, assuredly, be compared to the Berlin games. This is a production of the Chinese government and the party that controls it. China wishes a prominent rôle on the world stage, and they wish to direct it as much as possible.

Yesterday, I watched the first hour and a half of NBC’s coverage, until I could take no more. I dislike shilling, and the first half hour was pure shilling, not just for the show, and China, but for g.ogre bush junior. The president of the United States has never travelled to an olympic game outside the US.

China, as many people know, occupies Tibet. Less publicised, acknowledged and prominent in the mind of the public is China’s relationship with Sudan. China has combined capitalism and communism in an unique and terrifying manner. It is exercising the might of technology against nature. The perpetual smog that envelops Beijing will be emblematic of this olympics. It is a marriage of materialism against the human spirit. Freedom of thought, political and religious, does not exist. The rights of the workers, do not exist. Respect for anything other than profit and political influence, do not exist. It is the exercise of raw power.

Bush is being criticised, justly, in some quarters for his visit. His defenders argue, falsely, that it would be a diplomatic slight if he did not appear. There is no precedent, for him to appear. He has had no problem with ignoring protocol, or creating diplomatic slights. He wants to be there. The chinese way of doing business is his way of doing business. He enjoys being a fêtard as he is the supposed president.

It must also be noted that, the current premier of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was there too, on the day where his country engaged in a new war, with the former province, now state, of Georgia. So goes the olympic truce. The french president has also come. China has become one of the world’s power players. So goes the olympics.

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